NANS to Buhari - Consider merit, not political patronage in ministerial appointmentsThe Catholic Bishop of Yola Diocese, Dr. Stephen Mamza, on Sunday advised President-elect, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, to consider only founding members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) for appointment.
In his sermon at St. Augustine’s Catholic Church Bekaji, Yola, Mamza warned that Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) would sabotage Buhari’s government if they get appointments.
He said: “My special advice to the President-elect is that he should not give appointment to anyone that is less than three years in APC.
“This will help him to build a government that is based on the APC agenda, but if he makes the mistake of mixing his government with the PDP members who are in APC for appointments, he would disappoint those that elected him.
“If these PDP members that are running to APC are principled people, and they love democracy, they will remain in PDP and rebrand the party for the next elections. But rushing to APC confirmed that they are only in politics for their selfish interest and not for the development of the country”.
According to him, PDP members betrayed their party by defecting, describing it as “a sign of what they may do to the APC.

“I respect those PDP members that are still in PDP, they are the true democrat of this country”.