Today, Monday, May 18, 2015, Nigeria enters the third week of chaos caused by prolonged period of fuel scarcity accompanied by unreasonably high prices, endless queues, emergence of black markets, and even casualties.
Despite the fact that the official fuel price stands for N87 litre, the majority of stations throughout the country sells at much higher prices. As for black market, a litre of fuel is reportedly available at N200 there, which is more preferable to some people, as they tend to endure long queues to buy fuel at, let’s say, N120 or spend N200 per litre and save 3 hours of life? We ask readers on our Facebook page what they value the most: their time or money?, and here is what we get in response.
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As it was mentioned above, practically nowhere in Nigeria fuel sells at the official price. Figures differ from area to area ranging from N110 to N150 per litre on average. Prices on black market vary from approximately N130 to N200.
Yahaya Usman: In my area, Ibafo, Ogun State, we buy at all the filling stations at #120 per liter. [sic]
Abdullahi Hussaini: In Bauchi State, price starts from N135, N130, and N120 per litre at filling stations.[sic]
Mohammed Konduga: Black market and it is around N135 to N140 per litre here in Maiduguri. [sic]
David James: Black market; N170, at fuel station; N130 in Kaduna State. [sic]
Olalekan Olokodana: At our area in Ago/Isolo LCDA, we find it difficult to get or buy fuel from the filling station, but the one selling we buy at the rate of N150 per litre. This filling station called SABOLA at night, so government should please do something to address the issue of fuel scarcity that affecting the economy of the country. [sic]
However, some figures are surprisingly low or, vice versa, high, or even normal which seems unbelievable.
Iheanacho Kingsley: 65 per litre here, wonder where you buy yours (editor’s note: allegedly in Enugu state). [sic]
MC Wabro: In Lagos, my area, it’s 250 (editor’s note: respondent hasn’t specified if it is on black market or at the fuel stations). [sic]
Freeman Jonah: In Rivers state “mbiama” I bought mine at #97 today. [sic]
Musa Musa Bitrus: 500 naira per litre for Lagos I am buying (editor’s note: respondent hasn’t specified if it is on black market or at the fuel stations). [sic]
Kesniel Henle: 300 from the petrol station (editor’s note: region is not specified). [sic]
Olufemi Michael: Surprisingly I bought at normal price (N87) at a petrol station today (editor’s note: region is not specified). [sic]
Olanrewaju Oresanya: I have just bought 50 litres at 87 naira per litre at a Total filling station in Ibadan. The queue was long though! [sic]
Some respondents admit they prefer to buy fuel from black market because they just cannot bare standing in endless queues.
Abubakar Sadiq Musa: In Kaduna we prefer the black market because the queue at the filling station is killing. The lowest rate per litre is 130. [sic]
Ngozi Akwunwa-Ahofu Black market at N200 per litre. [sic]
Nina Ejenonu Chinwuba Abuja, black market at 200 naira per litre. [sic]
A number of respondents hope that with the advent of a new government fuel scarcity story will finally come to an end.
Daleng Katch: Thanks God, May 29 is fast approaching, he must vomit this money from fuel before leaving the office. Filling station #140 per litre. [sic]
Patrick Onwochei: This fuel scarcity is the consequence of the incoming administration’s body language. No investor will risk his fund until he is certain of expected returns. I see no respite until after change of baton. Meanwhile fuel is available in Warri @110/ltr in most stations. GMB and APC need to talk less on economic issues in the interim. They have the next four years to talk and act.
Stephen Olamilekan Oyeleye #150 per litre yet not available. This killing. What next? We want CHANGE very fastly.
Some respondents are convinced whatever government is at the helm everything will remain unchanged.
Emem Chimezie: Shameless leaders, very soon we may try using water to run our vehicles. [sic]
Amos Bulus: Jonathan Goodluck has abandon Nigerians. Black market legalised across the nation. [sic]
Adolphus Michael Ikechukwu: Wow, I am now buying fuel at 40 naira per litre, what a change. [sic]
Seku C Seku: Why are you asking? All in Nigeria is about Change, Change, Change. When change comes it will effect all levels. Thanks God, APC change, lol. [sic]
No matter how desperate we all now may be, there are people that are still able to make jokes of the situation. It, probably, means Nigerians never give up, and they are not going to do it this time as well.
Jimoh Tajudeen Tunde: We are all going to join the association of trekkers. [sic]
Nikki Jane: Trekking is the trend now. So you don’t need fuel at all. Lol. [sic]